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Informasi terkait Media Center Peringatan Konferensi Asia Afrika ke-60 dan fasilitas pendukungnya.
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The Government of the Republic of Indonesia has the honour to welcome delegates from Asian and African countries and observers to the Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Asian African Conference 1955 (Bandung Conference), the 10th Anniversary of the New Asian-African Strategic Partnership (NAASP) with the theme of Strengthening South-South Cooperation to Promote World Peace and Prosperity on 24th April 2015 in Bandung.

The commemoration would be preceded by Asian-African Summit, on 22nd-23rd April 2015 in Jakarta. The preparation meetings at the Senior Officials level and the Ministerial level would be held in preparation of the Summit on 19th and 20th April 2015.

This Administrative Arrangements is to provide information on logistic and administrative procedures and requirements to participate in the Asian-African Senior Officials Meeting (AASOM), the Asian-African Ministerial Meeting (AAMM) and the Asian-African Summit (AAS), as well as for the Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Asian African Conference 1955 (Bandung Conference) and the 10th Anniversary of the New Asian- African Strategic Partnership (NAASP).

Hospitalities and courtesies for the Head of State/Government or Minister with Full Powers as the Head of Delegations to the Summit and the Head of Delegations in the Ministerial level meeting is included in this Administrative Arrangements.

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