Asian Representative: Asian African Document for the World

AACC2015, Bandung - Myanmar President Thein Sein expects that the documents resulting from the Asian African Summit conducted as part of the series of events in Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of Asian-African Conference can be implemented worldwide.

"The result of the summit conducted today is beneficial not only for countries in Asia and Africa, but also for the whole world," said Thein Sein at Gedung Merdeka  Bandung, in his speech to represent Asia on Friday (24/4).

According to him, various matters, related to the potential cooperation in various sectors between the countries of Asia and Africa at the meeting in Jakarta, have been agreed upon. The cooperation built shall not only be for countries in both continents alone. Instead, it should also become an opportunity for the rest of the global world to participate. "All representatives present in the meeting may actually implement the results of the summit," he added.

Before establishing cooperation with the world, Asian and African countries should first build cooperation amongst themselves. Asian African countries  have existing ties that were naturally established 60 years ago. The Asian African Conference Commemoration event may serve as a means to strengthen the solidarity among the countries of Asia and Africa.

"The relationship between Asia and Africa was built a long time ago. It can be used as a strong foundation to develop economic cooperation," he said.

President Thein Sein added that, in addition to cooperation among countries, this opportunity can also be used as a platform to strengthen ties to create opportunity to establish personal informal collaboration. "The Asian African Conference Commemoration can strengthen the relationship between citizens in each country of Asia and Africa," he concluded. (Photo: Host, Editor: Gusti Andry, Translator: Penny Patmawati)