Bandung Residents Welcome AACC Delegates

AACC2015 - Thousands of Bandung residents flocked to Lembong street, Naripan street and Asia Afrika street to welcome world leaders and participants attending the 60th Commemoration of the Asian African Conference held in Bandung on Friday. It is reported that since Friday morning, residents that include children, teenagers, adults and the elderly, looked enthusiasts to welcome the delegates and officials passing by those streets. Some of the r

Akik Pancawarna pun Dikawal Standar VVIP

AACC2015, Garut - Tidak hanya para kepala negara Peringatan 60 Tahun Konferensi Asia Afrika (KAA) yang dikawal dengan standar VVIP, ratusan keping liontin batu akik Pancawarna ini pun berstatus VVIP. Pengirimannya dari Garut menuju Bandung mendapat pengawalan VVIP dari aparat kepolisian. Kapolres Garut AKBP Arief Rachman memimpin upacara pelepasan souvenir tersebut dari halaman workshop pengrajin batu akik Lasminingrat Tarogong Kidul Garut men

AASCS Declares Five Conditions for Smart City

AACC2015, Bandung –  The Asian African Smart City Summit (AASCS) declared five requirements to support the development of technology-based city management in Asian and African continents. The Chairman of the AASCS’ Committee, Suhono Supangkat, explained that the various problems of a city must be overcome by implementing the smart city concept. “This measure can be a solution to solve the problems,” said Supangkat in

AASCS Agree To Set Up Asia Africa Smart City Alliance

AACC2015, Bandung –All Mayors attending the Asian African Smart City Summit (AASCS) agreed to develop Asian African technology based infrastructure. "We use technology to inform people about upcoming natural disasters,” said the Mayor of Sorsogon, Philipines, Manuel Fortes Jr. at the Asian African Smart City Summit in Bandung on Thursday (23/4).He also said that development with emphasis on technology would greatly assist the governm

MCIT: AASCS Documents Discussed in Asian-African Summit

AACC2015, Bandung - Indonesian Minister of Communications and Information Technology (Menkominfo) Rudiantara appreciated the Africa Asia Smart City Summit (AASCS) event which has successfully established actual cooperation between Asian African mayors in the development of Smart City. "I am pleased because this is the embodiment of the documents discussed in the summit in Jakarta," said Indonesian Minister of Communication and Information Techno